Wheelchair Accessible Housing for Ex-Military Personnel.

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Wheelchair Accessible Housing for Ex-Military Personnel.

If you are military or ex-military and looking for wheelchair accessible housing to rent privately, there is much help out there for you, regardless of how long it was since your service.

Wheelchair accessible housing for British military and ex-military people

We receive calls from ex-military personnel who are looking for wheelchair accessible accommodation. It's not that they call us saying, "We're ex-mil. Can you help us?" more that we discover it through conversation, through asking the questions that have led to their current circumstances. Or perhaps it's just a word, phrase or approach that we recognise.

It might not be an obvious link - like the older caller who'd served for a short period post-WWII and been injured on active service, or the caller who had been struggling with mental ill health and homelessness, and wanted to live with a new partner.

Always, I ask what organisations they're already contacted and whether they've been in touch with their old regiment. Usually, it hadn't occurred to contact their military roots. If I'm honest it both does and does not surprise me. These are all people who support military charities, who pay in via wages and/or donations, and believe wholeheartedly that it's important support their comrades. But somewhere in all of this, they don't recognise that the comrade could be themselves or that they are deserving of help. 

Given that there are over 1,200 military charities , the help these resourced and caring organisations can provide is uplifting - and staggering, particularly when I think of the under-resourcing of civilian services. 

If you have ever served - regular or reserve forces - and you now need wheelchair accessible housing to rent, we'd be happy to see how we can help, though it's really worth contacting the following organisations in the first instance.

  • Your Regimental Welfare Office. They may refer you on, but they will take responsibility for you in the first instance and be certain that any handover is managed and that you don't fall between the gaps. 

  • The Royal British Legion who provide lifelong support to the Armed Forces community and their families. They have a remit to help ex-serving personnel and their families to live safely at home. And their team can provide practical support as well as advice and guidance to make sure you can access the services you need.

  • Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Families Association (SSAFA) is committed to helping veterans and military families with the issues and concerns that surround a physical disability, whether a result of combat, accident or birth. They can advocate for you, which might be accessing the services or finance that you need and/or liaising with Local Authorities for a suitable property.

  • Haig Housing Trust provides housing assistance to ex-Service people and/or their dependants. They provide tailored housing solutions to suit the individual needs of severely wounded and disabled Veterans. Haig Housing also offers a wide range of housing advice to the Service community and is the Strategic Housing Partner of Help for Heroes. The Trust has properties throughout the UK.