The Build-to-Rent Sector

Understand the relevance and benefits of accessibility in BTR to create resilient assets that support your ESG credentials whilst retaining tenants throughout their changing life stages.

Build To Rent BtR AccessiblePRS accessible property consultancy and tenant sourcing

AccessiblePRS Build-to-Rent Overview.

Build-to-rent is an essential part of meeting housing need. We see this as positive because long-term investment should mean better designs and higher quality construction, which is a win for everyone: investors and occupants.

Holding property assets that you've designed requires you to look more closely at what you design. By 2040 there will be more people aged 60+ than of working age, so it's essential to consider now what your customers will look like in 10+ years time, and the competition from future BTR schemes that will be constructed around your holdings.

Good design, both within individual homes and around your scheme's third spaces, provides resilience - no matter how the market moves, what the competition does around you, or how consumer values and desires evolve. Because emotive human issues stay the same, in spite of the world changing around us. Our built environments are transformative, positively or negatively. 

When you talk about place-making, we'll support you with place-keeping. When you talk about building communities, we'll support you with building resilient communities. When you talk about sustainability, we'll introduce you to build systems that are actually sustainable. No marketing spin.

Organisations talk about diversity: if you exclude disability (by not including it) you're only talking the walk. Often, this is simply because the existing team aren't versed in what inclusion means or looks like. Why would you be, you're property experts.

Designing resilient environments for diverse communities retains brand loyalty and ensures healthy yields. 

Our Build-to-Rent Consultancy & Services.

How AccessiblePRS Can Help You.

Knowledge & Experience

We bring clear advice and ways to support your business based on years of professional and lived experience. Our approach goes much further than simple design advice. We've been joining the dots of inclusion in housing for years and have an enviable depth of contextual understanding, case studies for innovation and change within the sector, and a progressive client base. 

Accessible Design Consultancy

Creating accessible and inclusive designs that work for a diverse range of people is much more than just giving your architects the brief and assuming that accessibility starts from the unit front door. Regulations are open to interpretation and, as we see too often, too many designers with no understanding of disability get it wrong. When brought onto the Design Team from the outset, we work alongside the architects to ask questions, scrutinise plans and objectives and optimise the project generally, as well as all accessible units. We have a deep understanding of common issues to avoid, user experiences. Furthermore, we offer advice on procurement of fixtures and fittings.

Tenant Sourcing

"Is there really demand?" Usually the first question asked by all property companies, who don't see it because they've not catered for inclusion in any of their digital or physical marketing, and don't have staff processes to deal with any speculative questions which do come in. There is demand: allocate and fit out a number of units to M4(3) standards and let us source wheelchair users as tenants for you.

Marketing Inclusion

There is a long history of overlooking the needs and experiences of older and disabled people when it comes to housing. It requires insight and knowledge to create credible and successful marketing strategies to reach people with accessible housing needs. We will support your team to do this for themselves. Getting it right shows leadership and corporate integrity.